Mission Statement

Chignik Sunrise

CRAA’s long-term goal is to increase local salmon production.  In accordance, CRAA is committed to protecting, enhancing, and rehabilitating Chignik salmon resources and improving commercial fishery management and stock utilization.

CRAA is also committed to ensuring that traditional subsistence resources and opportunities are protected and maintained for the people of Chignik Lake, Chignik, Chignik Lagoon, Ivanof Bay, and Perryville.

Additionally, CRAA will support product promotion, fair marketing, and harvest strategies that advance the economic foundation and commitment to the Chignik salmon fishery.


  • CRAA’s position is that there is to be no harm to anadromous fish habitat in the Chignik Management area. And in accordance, CRAA will address development and other activities that may threaten or degrade salmon habitat in the Chignik area; activities include: marine fills, sewage outfalls, fuel transfer facilities, dredging, etc..

Enhancing or enhancement:

  • Enhancement is improving salmon spawning and or rearing conditions, and this may include constructing spawning channels, lake fertilizing, and/or hatchery development.  While CRAA will continue to keep the door open to enhancement through an ongoing review and evaluation of concepts, there are no specific enhancement projects scheduled at this time.


  • All salmon habitats in the Chignik area are important especially those that serve sockeye salmon. CRAA will be strongly proactive in addressing habitat degradation problems and issues. CRAA will work to restore lost habitat. Our current priority is Black Lake where substantial lake volume has been lost and an inlet tributary, Alec (Scow) River, has re-routed to where circulation, nutrient input, and fry access into the main basin are compromised.

Improving Commercial Fisheries Management, Product Promotion, and Fair Marketing:

  • CRAA will promote aggressive management of the fishery to insure minimal to no lost harvest opportunity and that surplus escapement does not occur. As an example, we expect effective inseason analysis of run timing, stock composition, and immediate implementation of back-up escapement monitoring operation should the Chignik weir become non-functional (washed-out). We will expect ADF&G to maintain the readiness and accuracy of an alternate escapement-assessment methodology.
  • ·Interception fisheries also fall under this category.  CRAA’s strongly opposes all interception fisheries that target directly or indirectly on Chignik bound salmon. Interception fisheries harvest mixed stocks with little to no accountability; these fisheries compromise terminal stock management by causing forecast, brood table, an escapement goal evaluation errors. In addition and importantly, these fisheries do not share the burden of conservation and resource development and protection.
  • ·CRAA will promote a high quality, sustainable local fishery and encourage partnership and cooperation between local fishers and industry.   CRAA will provide technical assistance to Chignik salmon fishers, if requested, in drafting Alaska Board of Fisheries salmon proposals and preparing BOF testimony on non intra-allocation salmon issues.  CRAA will not take a position on or assist on any BOF proposal that may be allocative between Chignik Management Area salmon fishers and further, CRAA will not assist in local price negotiations, directly or indirectly, between Chignik fishers and industry.

Protection of Subsistence Resources:

  • CRAA clearly recognizes that the communities of Chignik Lake, Chignik, Chignik Lagoon, Ivanof Bay, and Perryville are highly dependent upon local salmon resources for food and culture.  CRAA will work to ensure that subsistence priorities are met and that commercial fisheries are accountable.

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