Current CRAA Board of Directors

2023 CRAA Board of Directors

Charles McCallum      Chief Executive Officer (since 1990)

Dr. Peter Westley       Chief Biological Consultant (since 2022)

Matt Siemion              Commercial Seat & Secretary & Treasurer (since 1997)

Marty Takak                Local Government Seat

H. Gary Anderson       Commercial Seat (since 1994)

Paul Johnson               Commercial Seat (1994-2009 & since 2013)

Ben Allen                     Commercial Seat (since 2021)

George Anderson       Commercial Seat (since 2014)

Austin Shangin           Commercial Seat (since 2017)

Harry Kalmakoff, Jr.  Native Corporation Seat (since 2007)

Don O. Lind                  Sport Fish Seat (since 2012)

Dean Fasnacht            Seafood Processor Seat (since 2017)

Boris Kosbruk, Jr.       Subsistence Seat (since 2018)

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