Chignik Comprehensive Salmon Plan

In 1990 a comprehensive salmon plan for the Chignik area was initiated in compliance with Alaska Department of Fish and Game statutory responsibility for long term salmon planning. Essential to the task was gathering broad public and technical input on how local Chignik salmon stocks and their habitats should be managed and protected and whether salmon fisheries enhancement and/or restoration projects ought to be undertaken and to what extent.

That plan, two years in the making, was published as a ten-year Chignik salmon strategy for the period 1992-2001. The report is outdated by about 15-years, and so it is important to update the plan to addresses present-day concerns, interests, needs, and sustainability of the Chignik salmon resources.

One of the steps in updating the comprehensive salmon plan is to survey the user groups. The attached questionnaire was sent to all user groups in the Chignik management area in the spring of 2015. The questionnaire is attached.

CRCSP Questionnaire 2015

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