Board Seats & Terms

Directors Seats (at large election, 3 year terms):

Term expires 12/31/2020

Ernie Carlson (1991-2004, & since 2009), Commercial Seat

George Anderson (since 2014), Commercial Seat

Don Lind (since 2012), Sport Fishery Seat

Boris Kosbruk, Jr. (since 2018), Subsistence Seat

Term expires 12/31/2021

Matt Siemion (since 1997), Commercial Seat & Secretary & Treasurer

Paul Johnson (1995-2009 & since 2010), Commercial Seat

Don Bumpus (since 2010), Local Government Seat

Harry Kalmakoff, Jr. (since 2007), Native Corporation Seat

Term expires 12/31/2022

H. Gary Anderson (since 1994), Commercial Seat

Austin Shangin (since 2017), Commercial Seat

Dean Fasnacht (since 2017), Local Processor Seat – Trident


Chief Executive Officer:

Currently held by: Charles McCallum (Since 1990)

Chief Financial Officer:

Currently held by: Matthew Siemion (Since 1997)

Chief Biological Consultant:

Currently held by: Bruce M. Barrett (Since 2001)

Regional Planning Team Members:

Charles McCallum (chairman)

George Anderson

Harry Kalmakoff, Jr.

*Bruce Barrett (Technical Adviser)


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